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A visume is a short form of Video Resumes. A short video that expounds the details of your skills and
talents, which highlights your bio. A visume will show your potential employer the true you, giving them an
opportunity to have an insight that’s close to a person to person interview. By which it stands out from the
piles of documents that flood every organization during the recruitment process.

Why should you go for one

A Video resume is an enhancement and not a replacement for your conventional resume. It showcases your creativity, your knack to think out of the box and most significantly,

How to prepare an effective video

To start with, a Video Resume should be like a supplement to your paper resume! It should be simple, professional and 2-3 minutes long.

What employers seek

As an employer, my understanding from other employers is that the video resumes they are receiving are fairly unprofessional and may turn them off to a potential candidate.


Enhances your efforts to promote yourself to prospective employers.

Video Resume Don’ts

Don’t mix your personal life with your professional one. If you have information on your Facebook or Twitter page that you’d prefer employers don’t see, don’t link your video resume.

Don’t expect your video resume to replace your traditional resume. Not all employers are interested, and others are worried about discrimination issues i.e. hiring candidates because of how they look and sound rather than your qualifications. However, a well done video can bolster your candidacy for employment.

Some more effective tips for your video resume

  • Dress appropriately and smartly.
  • Talk into the camera and maintain good eye contact.
  • Speak clearly and not too fast.
  • Smile and introduce yourself.
  • Eliminate disruptions or any background noises.
  • Wrap up with a thank you and your contact details.



a call back

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